About Us

Arab Translators Association (ArtA)
The Arab Translators Association (ArtA) is an entity that emerged from the womb of her predecessor, the International Association of Translators and Linguists Arabs (WATA) which was founded on 1/1/2004 by the founder of this association, Mr. Amer Al-Azm, and continued till 2010.
The Arab Translators Association (ArtA) has more than (5000) members of translators and interpreters from all over the world since its founding in 2020.
Our Goals
- Establishing an Arab and international professional gathering of linguists, academics and translators to advance the reality of translation and training
- Create a reference and non-profit body for translator and linguists
- Assisting new graduates and providing training courses that qualify them to enter the labor market
- Holding workshops, conferences and seminars for community participation and raising awareness of the translation and linguistics industry
- Honoring the achievers and distinguished figures
- Encouraging universities and scientific institutions to translate and publish books and initiate researches
Our Mission
• Granting freedom and opportunity to the creative and distinguished Arab person
• Empowering the Arab translator as the owner of a message and a civilized, cultural and moral ambassador for his nation
• Spreading education and knowledge and honoring the distinguished figures and achievers
• Qualifying translators and linguists to enter the translation market with confidence and efficiency
• Encouraging institutions and companies to hire translators and trainers
• Establishing partnerships and cooperation with universities and academic bodies             
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